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observations on being pregnant

I’ve been trying to think of some way to explain pregnancy to people who have never been pregnant. And just now, while I was serving myself some cake for lunch, I realized that being pregnant is like being on a cruise. You don’t have to do much, people wait on you and take care of you, you can pretty much eat anything guilt-free and some people throw up.

Ok, that’s an over-simplified way of looking at it. There’s also fatigue, the people who (mostly with good intentions) lay claim to your unborn baby, the FATIGUE, the HOMRONES. I know that I mentioned fatigue twice. It’s that bad. One second you’re fine then all of a sudden your body just crashes and you’re out like a light.

I’m lucky in that I haven’t experienced morning sickness during this whole thing. If it weren’t for the FATIGUE (so bad that it has to be acknowledged in all caps) I would completely forget that I’m pregnant. Other than being more careful about what I eat and what drugs I take, I still carry on with life. Sometimes to the disapproval of my husband and friends. I tried surfing when I was 12 weeks along, I still go to spin class and elevate my heart rate above 140 bpm, I still have coffee (non-decaf) every once in a while. I think it’s all fine and they’re worrying too much. It makes me feel normal, especially the exercise.

Here’s my last thought on this subject: pregnancy boobs are ridiculous.