welcome to adulthood

You’re probably visiting this page thinking, whoa, didn’t there used to be OTHER STUFF here? Well yeah, there was stuff here before. I decided to purge it all, move it to the way down sub-basement-level archive, because I decided that’s all irrelevant to me now. This site used to be a top hit for “Giraffe Penis” for christ’s sake. Besides that, I just don’t associate with the girl from a few years anymore. I can’t even associate with the girl I was last month. And in the next few posts, I’ll explain.

Later this year, I will turn a quarter century old. I don’t know what that means, but when I was growing up I thought I would have everything figured out by 25 like it was some sort of magical deadline into real adulthood. You know, where you start saving for retirement and become serious with your significant other and “adult” stuff like that. I still don’t have everything figured out, but at least I have a retirement account! And a house! I’m a homeowner. Surely that makes me an adult on some level.

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